Lamborghini Egoista

An emotional moment in Sant’ Agata Bolognese the other day at the conclusion of the gala commemorating Lamborghini’s 50th wedding anniversary: Walter De Silva’s extraordinary vehicle made its access in front of a thousand guests, the Head of Layout for the Volkswagen Team’s homage to commemorating your home of the Flaming Bull’s half century. “I am really attached to this Italian brand, being an Italian myself. I intended to admire and think up a vehicle to underline that Lamborghinis have actually constantly been made with passion, and also with the heart more than the head,” stated a psychological De Silva.
The Egoista, as the car has been christened, is an auto forged from an interest for advancement and also alternate solutions, the same passion which has actually constantly established the Lamborghini brand apart. “This is an auto made for one individual only, to allow them to have fun as well as reveal their personality to the optimum.

The supercar’s debut was equally stunning, with a cinematic entry introduced by a trailer predicted into the 9 cinemas in the room. The stage was changed right into a landing strip, with a top model in a flight suit assisting the Egoista’s arrival with landing crew light paddles, and the roar of the V10 engine drinking the 20-meter-tall tensioned event structure: this is the spectacle the VIP visitors were treated to when Lamborghini President as well as Chief Executive Officer Stephan Winkelmann went into at the wheel of the Egoista, before welcoming its designer, Walter De Silva, to join him on stage.

The style

While the front of the automobile has actually an account intended to enhance downforce, the rear is fully open with the technicians in view, lowering weight yet additionally with the result of creating an extra hostile look. The Lamborghini Egoista’s lights are a lot more like an aircraft’s compared to a roadway car’s. As it is made from lightweight materials such as aluminum and also carbon-fiber, the car has no-walk zones, properly noted like on airliners.

The exterior is characterized by two essential elements: its architecture, and the materials used. The style is determined by an extremely muscle framework, in which solid and also empty areas fit together with strength as well as vitality. The bodywork is dominated, on its sides, by the stylized account of a bull preparing to bill, its horns reduced. The bull is owning towards the front wheels, conferring a futuristic dynamism as well as lines which are already, in themselves, extremely hostile. Normally, this is a tribute, a bold stylistic citation which could only be a reworking of the Lamborghini brand name symbol, the popular raging bull. The challenge of effectively placing the Lamborghini icon as an important component of the bodywork was met courageously as well as artistically. The plan check out reveals a trimaran profile, where the central hull kinds a distinct section with the cockpit, underscored by the carbon-fiber cover on the front hood.


The cabin’s interior is extremely rational, its performance taken to the extreme. To get out of the lorry, the driver needs to eliminate the guiding wheel and remainder it on the dashboard, open the dome with a digital command, stand up in their seat, rest down on a specific factor of the left-hand bodywork, then pivot their legs 180 degrees from the inside of the cabin to the outside of the automobile. Even in getting out of the lorry, the Lamborghini Egoista requires a pilot a lot more than a chauffeur, a genuine top gun.

Idea and innovation

Powered by a 5.2-liter V10 engine providing it with 600 horse power, the Lamborghini Egoista is a unusual and also purposefully extreme automobile with absolutely unique qualities, produced by the Volkswagen Team layout group– Alessandro Dambrosio responsible for the outside as well as Stefan Sielaff for the inside, particularly. De Silva’s team decided to produce a single-seater, pressing all the features in Lamborghini’s cosmetics meaning pure motoring enjoyment, efficiency as well as design past their restrictions. The cockpit, developed like a custom-made suit for the driver, is a detachable section which, when integrated with the remainder of the vehicle, creates an ideal technical, aerodynamic and also mechanical device. Motivation, based on Lamborghini custom, again originates from the globe of air travel, and also particularly the Apache helicopter, where the cockpit could be ejected in an emergency situation.
” The cockpit, made completely of carbon fiber and also light weight aluminum, stands for a sort of survival cell, permitting the chauffeur to isolate and also secure themselves from exterior aspects,” De Silva explained.” We kept an eye on the future when developing the Egoista, with the idea that its cockpit might have been drawn from a jet airplane and integrated into a roadway vehicle, to provide a various travel option.”

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